Healthy Quarry Bay, Energetic Quarry Bay(健康鰂魚涌,活力鰂魚涌)

Health Care Advocator would like to launch a 3 years Health Management community development plan in Quarry Bay and Taikooshing Area, then expand to Hong Kong Island East District, and in the end, promote the similar plan to all other districts in Hong Kong.

Project aims:

-To unite the connection with District Council, Home Affairs Department, hospitals, clinics, media, public relation company, Religious Group, Schools, fitness centre and health care business, to serve the community.

-To promote knowledge of disease prevention and health management in terms of nutritional science, physical training, sleep improving, and psychology balance.

-To advocate a healthy lifestyle and change people’s mindset of paying no attention to healthcare until getting the healthy problems.

– The residents could manage their health condition, improve the health status and avoid the small healthy problem becoming critical illness, and so as to reduce the medical expense of the whole social system.

-To create Mutual-help and reciprocity, trust and solidarity in the community.

Project Content and the ways to develop social capital:

1. Target participants:

-The residents in Quarry Bay and Taikooshing area.

-Schools in Quarry Bay and TaikooShing areas.

2. Time period:

July, 2014 –June, 2017

3. Activities:


-Organize free health seminar on topic of Nutritional Science, Physical Training, Sleep Improvement, Psychology Balance to promote concept of disease prevention and health management among the residents.

-The project team would invite dancers, gym coach and yoga coach to offer free class to the residents in the district, to help them building up the habit of regular physical training. Fashion prom dresses online store for women.

-Provide e-newsletter and publication issue to share health care information with local residents.

-Send press release to media to create more impact to the society.

-Invite Public Relationship Company to be consultant to create bigger impact.


-Through the connection of District council office in Eastern, invite local residents to join the IMPROVE HEALTH STATUS PLAN, people with chronic illness are welcomed to join with body check record, and have a life style analysis at the beginning of program.

-The nutritionist, chiropractor and psychologist would provide consultation, examination and therapy for the participants to improve their life style, and the volunteers would follow up with the participants. Here, you will find more prom dresses online. They are high quality prom dresses.


-The participants and volunteers both learn the health management concept and encourage each other to keep on the good life style.

-At the end of the program, the participants would compare their updated body check record to indicate they have improved their healthy status and reduced medical cost.

-To create Mutual-help and reciprocity, trust and solidarity between the participants and volunteers.